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Study Shows CCRC Health Benefits

Perhaps the greatest benefit of retirement communities is one that seldom tops the list of reasons for moving to one – the increased engagement that this model is designed around.

Studies have shown the very real effects of social isolation on all age groups. They include greater risk for high...

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Open the Latest Issue of Anticipate More

We invite you to read the latest issue of Anticipate More, sharing news about Asbury Solomons living and much more! Get answers to your questions about senior living options, learn top exercises for people with arthritis, how to prep your home for a successful sale, and get the recipe for a...

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Annual Riverfest Fun!

When life gives you waterfront retirement living ... make waterfront events! (See photos.) Our annual Riverfest was a blast, as usual, with more than 30 Asbury Solomons residents enjoying live music, paddleboarding, kayaking, rowing,  - or cheering them on from the dock. Thanks to our Wellness Team...

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Senior Nutrition - Are You Eating Well?

For National Nutrition Month, the Calvert Recorder reached out to the regional expert on senior wellness, Asbury Solomons retirement community, to get the scoop on a diet that will serve you well as you age by addressing the special nutritional needs of older adults. In a nutshell, eat real food -...

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Washington Post Features Oldest Living West Point Grad

Long-time Asbury Solomons' resident Kermit Dyke was featured in the Washington Post recently when he became the oldest living West Point Military Academy graduate. He and his wife Bobbe are fixtures around the campus, enjoying daily happy hours at the Topside Pub and competing in the community's...

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Asbury Resident Heads to Florida for FEMA

David Winterle may live at Asbury Solomons retirement community, but he's not a huge fan of retirement. What does he love? Helping others. Learn about his latest posting to Florida in this Calvert Recorder profile.

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