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A Lifelong Passion

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A pool was a must when Tahleen and her husband were researching retirement communities.

By Tahleen Nabors

In a letter to her siblings when I was just shy of 15 months old, my mother describes my first contact with the sea:
"I wish you could have seen ‘Tareen’ walk right out into the ocean with all the courage of a grownup, till her feet were covered, then down she sat to splash... Maybe she’ll be a great swimmer someday if she starts so early..."

Though she couldn’t have known it at the time, Mother certainly was on to something. Though the letter speaks of a time long ago – it is dated December 2, 1932 – my love of the water started early and has never faded.

In the 1960s, our community pool in Fort Washington, Md., was built. I used to go daily with our two sons, who are both excellent swimmers. I formed part of the Aqua Gems, a synchronized swimming group that put on shows! My scrapbook contains a small American National Red Cross certificate dated August 25, 1971, commending me for swimming 50 miles that summer.

In the 1990s we built our own backyard pool. Though I was only able to use it during the summer, I swam assiduously, counting laps. Not surprisingly, there was never a doubt in my mind that the retirement home we sought would have a year-round pool. So here I am at Asbury Solomons, with the special encouragement of lifeguard Becky, racking up the laps until I will soon have another certificate proving that since March of this year I’ve swum 50 miles.

Swimming is relaxing and at the same time energizing. It’s a workout that does not tire me out. Swimming makes me feel graceful, keeps me fit and I truly enjoy it. I am so thankful to have found a place like Asbury Solomons with its wonderful pool that enables me to keep alive my lifelong love of water!

Residential living at Asbury Solomons empowers seniors to be active and social.

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