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Peace & Joy One Stitch at a Time

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Children in Tanzania hold their colorful Peace Pal dolls aloft from Knitting4Peace.

Asbury Solomons resident Becky Stevens has been crocheting as long as she can remember – and has been teaching it at the Chautauqua Institute for 35 years. But in 2008, Becky met Susan McKee, the founder of an organization called Knitting4Peace. Before long, Becky’s craft had a global outlook and reach.

Today, Becky is the founder of the Southern Maryland Peace Pod of  Knitting4Peace, an organization dedicated to bringing joy and hope to women and children in troubled parts of the world.

In addition to the adorable Peace Pal dolls, Knitting4Peace volunteers also knit blankets, hats, mittens, quilted sleeping mats and other items.

According to the organization’s website, Knitting4Peace is a “grass-roots organization dedicated to crafting hope, healing & peace one stitch at a time through non-violent compassionate action. We are committed to the well-being of women and children we may never meet; we plant seeds of hope for a future we will never see. We are non-violent revolutionaries armed with the power of prayer, crochet hooks & knitting needles, engaged in a compassionate fight for hope, healing, justice and peace for all women and children. No exceptions.”

Since 2007, more than 10,000 Peace Pals have been delivered annually to children in dozens of countries, many of them war-torn or struggling with epidemics such as AIDs or natural disasters.

Describing crochet as “an art I don’t want to see die,” Becky is proud to support the Knitting4Peace mission.

“Knitting4Peace promotes understanding and peace and I’m able to use my talents to provide useful things for women and children around the world,” Becky says. “I enjoy making things for people that I know will make them happy.”

Judging from the smiling faces in these photos, it is clear she has succeeded. We are so proud of our residents who make senior living at Asbury special.

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