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Asbury Solomons "Pioneer" Blazes Fitness Trail

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Margaret, one of Asbury Solomons' “pioneers,” moved here just over 14 years ago shortly after losing her husband.  A very social person who needs people and companionship, Margaret says she realizes how important it is to her personal well-being to be with others.  During her first dozen years of independent living at the community, she was very active with the Asbury Solomons' “Entertainment and Travel” committee, and took any and every trip she could.  Staying active and being “out and about” was what defined her, she says. 

Three years ago, Margaret was diagnosed with a disorder that caused paralysis in her left foot.  She was faced a decision to have a very complex surgery with a long and uncertain recovery, or to amputate. Margaret chose surgery that not only required 11 pins, but resulted in nearly a year of rehabilitation, including several weeks as a resident of the Asbury Solomons Health Care Center. She returned home to a very changed way of life.  “I’m terribly out of balance,” she thought. The simplest task became exhausting or impossible. There was so much she couldn’t do.

Three years post-surgery and more than a year as a participant in HealthAbility™, Margaret is back to living the life she chooses. “I feel stronger!” she proclaims.  “In the past it was all I could do to pick up my laundry. I would just kick the basket across the floor.”  Now, Margaret carries her own laundry,  and her laundry list of activities makes her quite the social butterfly. She now participates in bridge clubs, in aquatic exercise classes, “Group Strength,” balance class and chair aerobics.

“It’s up me,” Margaret says proudly, “to work on it for my own good.  Being active gives me control over my own life to make decisions about how to live. No one can do it for you.  You can only make things better for yourself.”

My HealthAbility Results (In just one year!):

Then (4/28/09 Now (5/20/10)

  • 30 second chair stand:   0 Reps  12 Reps
  • 30 second arm curl:  8 Reps  22 Reps
  • 2 minute step:  54 Steps  78 Steps
  • Chair sit and reach  -6.8 Inches  -1.5 Inches
  • 8 foot up-and-go  Unable  21.6 seconds!
  • Single leg stand  Unable  1.0 seconds